Parents Committee

Possums Playschool is a not for profit organisation run by a Parent Committee.

The parents/carer of every child enrolled at Possums Playschool become members of the Possums Playschool Parents Association for the period during which their child attends Playschool. Each year, the new members appoint a Committee to organise and run Possums Playschool for that year.

Committee information and nomination forms are sent out with offer letters following enrolment. Recruitment of new Committee members then takes place at the Information Night.

The formal election of Committee members and changeover will be held early in the calendar year (before the new school year begins) at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Possums Playschool Parents Association. People other than parents may apply to become members of the Possums Playschool Parents Association if they wish to be actively involved in the management of Playschool.

The following positions make up the Possums Playschool Parents Association Committee:

  • Playschool Coordinator
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Purchasing/Occupational Health and Safety Officer
  • Fundraising Officer
  • Media/Grants Officer
  • General Committee Members (up to four positions)

Every position on the Playschool Committee is filled prior to Term 1 of each year.

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