About Us

Our Story

Possums Playschool began in 2000. In 2016, Possums relocated from Higgins to its current premises in Spence.

Possums Playschool provides a play-based learning facility with structured activities for 3, 4 and 5 year olds.

Possums is run by:

– Teacher, Margie

– Teacher’s Assistant, Peta

– Enrolments and Administration Officer, Sue

Our Role

As early childhood teachers, we view our roles as facilitators rather than instructors. The environment we create at Possums Playschool will assist children in their learning in a positive way, which supports the needs and interests of all children.

We take into consideration each individual child whilst planning and adjusting the program where necessary to accommodate the various levels of ability and diversity within the group.

We recognise each child is a unique individual and understand they will bring to Possums their own set of beliefs, values and experiences, which will be acknowledged and respected.