Our Program

At Possums Playschool there is an equal emphasis on all developmental areas: social, emotional, physical and intellectual. Play offers ideal learning opportunities, as it allows the children to initiate structure and direct their own learning experiences.

The program reflects the children’s needs and interests, and is designed to build on their prior knowledge by broadening their understanding of their environment and the world around them.

Possums has proven to be a great stepping stone for children as they prepare for preschool the following year. The feedback we receive from parents and children has reassured us that the program is achieving the intended results. Children are achieving a great sense of independence and thriving in a relaxed, fun and stimulating environment.

Fine motor

Art  and craft, threading and lacing, construction, playdoh, water play


Maths games, literacy games, puzzles, dramatic play (e.g. dressing up), singing, contributing to group discussions, library

Gross motor

Outdoor play (obstacle course, ball skills, play equipment), movement, dance

Social & Emotional

Interaction with peers and adults, developing independence, expression of feelings, ideas and attitudes, group participation, news time


Possums Playschool operates three sessions per week at the following times:

Monday 9.20am – 2.20pm
Tuesday 9.20am – 2.20pm
Wednesday 9.20am – 2.20pm
Thursday 9.20am – 2.20pm

You may enrol your child for one, two or all three sessions. The cost for each session for 2024 is $64 per child.

2023 Term Dates


The parents/carer of every child enrolled at Possums become members of the Possums Playschool Parents Association while their child attends Possums.

Each year, the new members appoint a Committee to organise and run Possums for that year including:

– Playschool Coordinator

– Secretary

– Treasurer

– Purchasing/Occupational Health and Safety Officer

– Fundraising Officer

– Media/Grants Office

– General Committee Members (up to four positions)